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  • Arches

  • Balustrades

  • Columns

  • Entrances

  • Key Stones

  • Fireplace Mantles

  • Fireplace Surrounds

  • Caps

  • Pool Coping

  • Window Sills

  • Surrounds


We produce hand carved stone fireplaces, stone kitchen hoods, stone corbels, stone columns, stone pilasters, stone stairs, stone balustrades, stone fountains, stone fountain pools, stone pool coping, stone door surrounds, stone window surrounds, stone finials, stone moldings, exterior stone, and stone flooring. Because we fabricate all of our stone products, we are able to produce stone tile in a wide array of sizes and finishes. We are also able to carve our Architectural elements in a wide range of stones such as limestone, travertine and marble.

Sometimes a client arrives to Houston Architectural stone with a picture or photograph and asks, “Can you make this for me?” Rest assured that the answer is almost always, “Yes.”

When an element is taken from another collection, and requires major dimensional and/or aesthetic modifications, it becomes Custom. When an element is new to us and we do not have Shop Drawings in our database, it becomes Custom. In either case, a new bid including fees for Shop Drawings is required. An Approval/Sign-off process commences that must be completed prior to submitting the element for fabrication. This process carries the longest lead-time, but allows for the greatest flexibility in design.

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